Hello, I’m Jeremy.

I believe bikes are a pivotal vehicle to foster new ideas and strengthen confidence. It’s with this in mind that I created Off The Back; a place to document my passion for cycling here in Hamburg, Germany as well as wherever I travel.

It was in September of 2020, when I bought myself a used cyclocross bike, that my joy of cycling was reignited1 and started riding a lot more. What brought me back into biking was first the feeling of adventure and then the community; I enjoy the solitary stillness of a solo ride but enjoy the camaraderie that group rides provide especially when going far.

I ride and race with the Kandie Gang 🍬 and am a member of FC St. Pauli Radsport 🏴‍☠️. In group rides, you can usually find me taking photos off the back 🚲.

📸 Photo by Marcus Kaben.

  1. In the 90’s I was active in the mountain bike scene in Minnesota and Vail Valley. ↩︎